Postpartum Depression

It is very normal to feel emotional following the birth of your baby. Usually this is mild and self-limiting in the first couple of weeks, and is most often referred to as the “baby blues”. It is however important to recognize that some new mothers can have much more serious and lasting symptoms.

If you have any concerns that what you are experiencing is out of the realm of the normal “baby blues” you should seek attention as soon as possible. Signs that you may be experiencing postpartum depression including persistent feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, lack of interest in your usual activities or your new baby, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances (unrelated to your new baby of course!), concentration difficulties, feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness, and thoughts of harm (to yourself or others).

BGH has a mental health crisis team that can see you in an expedited fashion through the emergency room, or you can be referred in less urgent situations through your family doctor or obstetrician to outpatient mental health services as required. Many family doctors are also familiar with treating depression and can get you started.

Please see the Canadian Mental Health Association’s information about postpartum depression here.