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Skin to Skin

We encourage new moms to have baby receive skin-to-skin contact as soon as is reasonable following delivery. This helps baby to adjust to its new environment by regulating temperature and breathing. Prior to delivery, we will normally ask you what your wishes are with respect to placement of the baby following delivery. Most moms will have baby lifted up onto their bare chest immediately following delivery. If you would prefer something different, you can let us know. Skin-to-skin is also possible and encouraged following c-sections.

If either mom or baby requires extra assistance following the delivery, skin-to-skin contact may not be possible immediately, but we will help make this happen as soon as everyone is stable enough to do so. If for some reason mom is unable to have skin-to-skin contact right away (for example if she feels unwell following delivery), this can be done with a partner or support person.

As long as the baby is doing well following delivery, our standard practice is to delay cord clamping and cutting for a few minutes.