Family Based Care

Having a baby is a family event! We try to do everything that we can to safely incorporate your family into this event to the extent that you choose. There are no hard limits on the number of people who can be in the birthing room and there are no strict visiting hours. We ask that people simply try to be reasonable in their choices and respect the privacy and comfort of our other patients.

During labour, we ask that our patient’s families not congregate in the hallway outside the delivery rooms. This is out of respect for the privacy of all of our patients. We have a family waiting room on the unit for those times when it is not appropriate for family to be in the delivery room itself.

During the actual birth, or if there are any complications, we may ask for fewer people in the room to allow the required staff to move about freely and access equipment as needed.

During a c-section, typically just one support person can be present in the operating room for reasons of safety and space.

After delivery, our policy is to have our new mothers in private rooms (whether or not you have insurance to cover this). Most often after a vaginal delivery, you will stay in the same room you delivered in until you are discharged home. If you are moved to another room, it will be a private room unless there is a rare circumstance in which the volume of admitted patients simply doesn’t permit this. In all cases we ask that visiting guests respect the privacy of all our patients, and be mindful that sleep can be happening at all hours for our new mothers.