Our Philosopy

At the end of every labour and delivery, everyone wants a healthy baby and a healthy mother. How we go about getting there depends on a lot of things. In our obstetrics practice, we hope that each mother will have a nice, normal, vaginal delivery (IF that is what she also wants!). We do everything we can to make that happen in a way that is most comfortable for you. We do our very best to monitor your and your baby’s wellbeing during labour and delivery and to not intervene unless a problem arises or you request it. We keep you updated throughout your labour as to how things are progressing and any problems we might anticipate. We use available technology in an evidence-based and thoughtful manner. There are no ‘time limits’ or hard-and-fast ‘rules’ to labour. Our primary c-section rate is very low, reflecting our efforts to help you achieve a vaginal birth.


Black and white shot of newborn baby right after delivery

That being said, what constitutes a “nice, normal birth” is different for different people, and we are not committed to pursuing or promoting a particular kind of birth as “best”. Some women want to do everything they can to have an unmedicated vaginal delivery. Many women want all pain relief options to be open to them. A small number of women do not want to have a vaginal delivery at all. And many women change their minds about some things halfway through. Whatever you have in mind for your labour and delivery, you will have an experienced and caring maternity nurse with you throughout, and she will help advocate for you. If you want to be supported in non-medical pain relief techniques, she will help you. If you want to be told when she thinks you should start asking about the anesthetist, she will tell you. If you are worried about being exposed or embarrassed during your delivery, she will help keep you modest and provide crowd control if necessary. You just let us know about your priorities and concerns. Labour and delivery room nurses have attended the births of hundreds of women and they will have plenty of tips and tricks to share with you during your labour as well.

Ultimately, we hope that you have a positive experience on this first day of your baby's life.