Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I see an ob/gyn?

You will need a referral from your family doctor, walk-in clinic, or emergency room physician. Please note that in general we do not see patients for routine care like pap smears that most family doctors should be able to provide. This is because we get so many referrals for serious problems that family doctors cannot manage, and we want to keep our wait list as short as possible. Referrals are faxed to 613-345-3036.

Will my obstetrician deliver my baby?

We try! However, no one can be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are only 3 obstetricians in Brockville so the odds are very good that you would have your own doctor for your delivery, but there is no guarantee. Unfortunately babies are unpredictable! If for some reason, your baby's delivery is being planned (i.e an induction) we will try to schedule it on a day that your own obstetrician is on call.

How soon will I be seen by an obstetrician in my pregnancy?

This depends on your family doctor. Some family doctors are very comfortable with prenatal care and will do all that is necessary for the early parts of your pregnancy. Some are not as comfortable and will refer earlier. If you have any complications or higher risk factors, you will be referred earlier. We try to get our pregnant patients seen ASAP after receiving the referral.

How soon will I be seen for a gynecology appointment?

This depends a lot on what you are being referred for and what tests you've already had done. If a referral comes with information that suggests the possibility of a more serious problem (like cancer) your appointment will be a lot sooner than it would be for a less serious problem. Wait times can range from a week or two to up to 6 months.

How long will I wait for surgery?

Once you have been assessed, if surgery is decided on, you will be booked within the next 3-5 months. If your surgery is more urgent (like for cancer diagnosis) we will do our best to rearrange our existing OR list to accommodate an earlier date. If your surgery is very urgent or time sensitive it can be "added on" to an existing date and done essentially as "overtime", and if it is an emergency it will be done at the time of the emergency. If your own surgery date gets changed after it is booked, it is most often because we are trying to accommodate someone who has an urgent or emergent problem that requires surgery.