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Brockville has 3 full time obstetrician/gynecologists providing services to our community. We are an all-female team: Dr. Tammy LeRiche, Dr. Kristin Finkenzeller and Dr. Maria Kielly. Together we provide obstetrics and gynecology services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In our obstetrics practice we are supported by experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable maternity nurses to provide safe, sensitive, and personal care during your labour and delivery. Our anesthesia colleagues are available 24 hours a day for women who wish to have epidurals. Our goal in obstetrics is to have a safe birth with as few interventions as are needed or desired. We use available technology in an evidence-based and thoughtful manner. Our assisted vaginal birth rates and c-section rates reflect our low-intervention approach. That said, when emergencies arise, we are happy to have ready access to state of the art operating rooms and the lovely OR nurses who staff them in order to help us deliver every child as safely as possible.

We accept referrals for prenatal care early in your pregnancy and you will see the same OB throughout your pregnancy and for postpartum care. If your OB is away at all during your pregnancy you will meet one or both of the other obstetricians for a visit. Although no one can be on call at all times, there is a good likelihood of having your own OB caring for you when it comes time to have your baby because there are only 3 of us. Even if your own OB is not on call when you go into labour, the odds are very good that you will have at least met the OB who is on call a couple of times. We all practice very similarly so you will not be cared for any differently if your own OB does not happen to be on call when you are in labour.

In our gynecology practice we offer a full range of gynecologic services including medical and surgical options for managing common problems like heavy menstrual bleeding, painful conditions such as endometriosis, prolapse, fertility problems, ovarian cysts, some gynecologic cancers, contraception, and many more. Dr. LeRiche and Dr. Finkenzeller are trained colposcopists and provide monitoring and treatment for abnormal pap smears. Dr. Kielly has subspecialty training in pediatrics and adolescent gynecology and can offer both medical and surgical options for this population's unique problems.

In our surgical practice, we strive to provide nearly all of our surgery minimally invasively. The vast majority of our hysterectomies are done laparoscopically ("key hole surgery"), as are most other gynecologic surgeries. This means that you have a quicker recovery after surgery, have less pain, and can get home sooner.

We are supported in providing gynecologic surgery by the excellent OR nurses and anesthetists at Brockville General Hospital, and the nurses on the floor who care for our post-op patients.

Referrals for obstetric or gynecology services can be faxed to 613-345-3036.

Беременная девушка, акушерство и роды, будущая мать

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